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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            Ordering and Prices

            How to order

            You can order from Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division in several ways:

            By telephone: Speak to one of our customer services agents by using the available numbers provided on our Contacts Page.

            By fax: Send us a fax detailing your order and we will process your requirements. The appropriate numbers are located on our Contacts Page.

            By email:  You can contact us by email at ceramic@goodfellow.com and we will help you process your order.

            Prices and Extra Charges


            Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division aim to quote all of our customers with prices including free delivery by door-to-door courier service (UPS or FedEx), although alternative methods may be used depending on the materials ordered.  We can of course offer alternative shipment terms, if required.

            Split Shipment

            All orders are accepted for one shipment on one date to one address, unless otherwise stated in our quotation. A charge will be made for split shipments made at the customer's request.


            A charge for cancellation of orders may be made. The amount will depend on the circumstances.

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