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            Test your knowledge of the periodic table with the Mr. Material?app

            Ideal for those extra days you have at home, Goodfellow has launched the latest version of Mr. Material™, their free educational app that enables participants to test their knowledge of the periodic table. Featuring more than 200 questions spread over multiple levels of difficulty, the app provides an entertaining way to learn or review facts about the 118 chemical elements. Ideal for students, teachers, researchers, or anyone who has a general interest in science, it’s available free at both the App Store and Google Play.

            The aim of the game is to answer questions as quickly as possible and rank on the leaderboard. The more quickly players answer each question, the higher the score. There are 20 different levels that have a mixed set of questions relating to various aspects of the periodic table, with an additional 20 new levels being added every few months.

            Each player has three lives at the start of every level; however, if they fail to answer a question correctly or take too long, a life will be lost. Lose all three lives and they have to restart the level, losing all their points. There’s also a ‘share your score’ feature which enables users to share their best score via Facebook and spark a competitive streak among friends and colleagues to get the highest rank.

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