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            Goodfellow statement regarding Kobe Steel

            Kobe Steel (also referred to as KOBELCO) distributed an announcement on October 8th 2017, stating that materials from certain manufacturing lots and locations are noncompliant to specification requirements. Kobe Steel acknowledged inspection certificates were altered to match customer and industry specifications.

            In the Kobe Steel press releases to date, the following materials are involved: Aluminium, Copper, Steel Powder, Sputtering Target Materials, Steel Wires, Spring Wire, Special Steel and Stainless Steel Wire. The shipping period as stated by Kobe Steel reaches back to 2007.

            Having taken notice of this information, the Goodfellow Group of Companies (Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd., Goodfellow Corporation, Goodfellow GmbH and Goodfellow SARL) immediately began a process of due diligence with our supply chain to establish whether any materials we had supplied to our customers were affected. Following these extensive checks we can confirm that, to the best of our knowledge, the Goodfellow Group of Companies has not supplied our customers with any affected materials.

            This situation continues to evolve; for the latest information, please refer to the Kobe Steel corporate website (www.kobelco.co.jp/english/) for further and additional announcements.

            The Goodfellow Group of Companies appreciates the importance of keeping our customers appraised of issues with may affect the quality of our products, and will continue to monitor developments from Kobe Steel.

            Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this matter.

            Ian Doggett
            Global Compliance Manager – Goodfellow Cambridge Limited
            Tel:     +44 1480 424800
            Fax:    +44 1480 424900
            Email: ian.doggett@goodfellow.com
            Web:   www.goodfellow.com

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