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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            Info & FAQs

            Inquiry information

            To be able to supply you with the most appropriate quotation for your application please ensure that the following points are considered when making an inquiry:

            Tolerances:  Please consider carefully if particular tolerances are necessary – unnecessarily tight tolerances can significantly increase costs, especially with ceramic machining.

            Dimensions:  Ideally we prefer to receive a drawing of finished, machined components. For simpler shapes please include all diameter, length, width and thickness details with the inquiry.

            Quantity:  Please ensure quantity requirements are included with the inquiry as the quantity required can affect the price. It is also useful if we can know whether production quantities might significantly increase if the product proves successful.

            Surface finish:  Please confirm any surface finish requirements which are required. In particular with inquiries for glass products it is important to know if any of the surfaces should be polished (if so, to any particular specification?) or if a ground finish is sufficient. The type of finish required can affect the cost.

            Flatness: We need to know if anything other than a standard flatness is required.

            Transmission:  Particularly for glass products, we need to be informed if transmission characteristics are critical for the application.

            Conditions:  If some guidance may be required for which materials are appropriate for the application then we will need to know more details about the application and the operating conditions (including maximum operating temperatures). With this information we can then suggest potentially suitable materials.


            Typically most ceramic applications do not require knowledge of which impurities may be found in the ceramic. However we appreciate that Goodfellow’s customers are sometimes working in high tech areas where such information may be required, as residual binders or other agents may be critical. We can very often provide analyses for our ceramic products, and would be happy to send you a quotation for this additional service.

            If you require an analysis, please tell us whether you require analysis of metallic impurities only or metallic and gaseous. 


            If you require a particular porosity or density for the ceramic component, please specify this when you contact us to discuss your application.

            Custom Manufacturing

            Most of our products are manufactured to customer specification, be it composition or to a drawing. We aim to understand your application to offer you the best and most cost-effective solution.

            Technical Data and Information

            All information and technical data are given as a guide only.  Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct, no warranty is given as to its completeness or accuracy.

            Packaging & Labelling

            We are also happy to accommodate requests for packaging, labelling etc.  Please indicate precisely what is required and we shall do our best to meet your specification.

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