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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            About Us

            Our Approach

            We aim to understand your needs and supply the best material or component to meet those needs. To enable us to do this, it is helpful to discuss:

            What the component has to do

            What are its critical functions? For example, is it electrical insulation, its optical properties or its mechanical precision? What other properties are desirable but not essential?

            Where the component has to operate

            For example, what is its operating temperature range? Will it be used in a corrosive environment or at ultra high vacuum? This information is vital for choosing the correct material.

            Why the component is needed

            This question is often overlooked. For example, if you need something to keep your production line running, then a fast delivery is essential. If you have quality problems, then we would advise on the best way to make the component.

            We can only offer the best solution when we have the full picture of what you need.

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